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CandyVerse ships candy directly to your front door. CandyVerseShipping.png

Step 1:

Shop and Place Order!

CandyVerse.pngCandyVerse Ships Candy Directly to yor Front Door

Step 2:

Your order is freshly made and quality checked for 100% perfection everytime!

CandyVerse Ships Candy Directly to yor Front Door

Step 3:

Order gets shipped next day and a confirmation e-mail with tracking number is sent.

Shipping Info
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We are a candy company with the mission to take the Candy Industry to the next level!


Visit our physical location, located in San Antonio,TX, we bring the widest and most unique candy selection any candy lover has seen!  

You're not from San Antonio?

Check out our Tik-Tok LIVE Subscription to get full access to all the newest candy BEFORE it hits shelves.

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