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Welcome To CandyVerse LIVE

Hosted By Tik-Tok

We live in the CandyVerse, why shouldn't you?

Join our CandyVerse LIVE Subscription to get full access to EVERYTHING candy.

How to subscribe: Must be watching a LIVE on our Tik-Tok, subscribe button is on top right corner. (If we are not LIVE, you must wait till we are)

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What is CandyVerse LIVE?

CandyVerse LIVE is a new video series coming to TIk-Tok.

Instead of posting videos and having our viewers interact after posting, viewers will be able to interact LIVE!

Special Event this month: We will be giving full access to the Sweets and Snacks Expo!

Closed to the general public, by subscribing you'll be able to win never before seen candy showcased at the expo and see everything we see!

May 22-25th

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Win Exotic and New Candy

You just saw a brand new candy on Tik-Tok, but cannot find where to buy it, or its sold out everywhere.

It happens to everyone, except our subscribers.

The day we get new candy, you'll have the chance to win it as a prize. Prizes will be won by participating in the CandyChat in many ways.

(This means ONLY subscribers can win prizes) 

The more we grow, the more prizes we will be giving out. First 50 subscribers, we will be giving out 1 prize per game. As we cross milestones, we want to have whole boxes or giant candy as prizes for multiple winners a game. The more subscribers, the more people that will get prizes per game.

ALL subscribers will win prizes eventually. 


Anyone can watch the LIVES, but only subscribers can participate in the chat.

No more getting ignored! With candy chat moderators always present, you'll always be part of a conversation or just putting out ideas and watching them come to life! Exclusive CandyVerse Emotes are also included to better express yourself in the chat.


CandyChat is created to be kid and young user friendly!

All ages are welcome, but anyone is subject to be removed at anytime at the discretion of the moderators. 

We will issue 1 warning per person, second time you'll be blocked from ALL access. If you can't behave, don't join.

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Candy Badges

Win and earn candy badges that give you unlimited perks and benefits to your account. 

YES! Not only does your subscription benefit you during the LIVE shows, but it carries over to this website!

All subscribers will get a "Candy Lover" badge as soon as they subscribe. This badge gives access to a Subscribers-Only area of the website. 

This Subscribers-Only area includes an exclusive store with ALL the most popular products in-stock first!  If you didn't win the prize, but still really wanted the candy, it will guaranteed be available in the exclusive store. 

It will also feature a Candy Board in which you will be able to share anything candy related. 

You want to share what your favorite candies are?

Want to send us videos to share with our viewers? Send or post your most creative ideas here. 

More badges are available and can be but not limited to:

  •  Lifetime 10% OFF Discount

  • Free extra candy for all orders

  • Access to special events, website pages

  • and more!

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