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Sour Twin Cherries

Sour Twin Cherries

PriceFrom $4.24

If you're a fan of sour candy, you'll love Sour Twin Cherries. These cherry-shaped gummies come in pairs, with each pair featuring two different sour flavors that complement each other perfectly. The gummies are soft and chewy, with a sour and fruity flavor that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Sour Twin Cherries are perfect for snacking on the go, sharing with friends, or adding to your favorite candy mix. Whether you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or just want a fun and tasty treat, Sour Twin Cherries are the perfect choice.

All candy is sent in a food freshness guranteed package which can be zipped back up after opening.


Price varies on amount of candy ordered!

*Packaged Individually means it will not be mixed, or packaged with other candies you select.

*Pick & Mix means your candy will be mixed as if you were in store creating your own candy bag.

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