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WarHeads Freeze Dried

WarHeads Freeze Dried

$14.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price

Introducing Freeze Dried Warheads, the mysteriously delicious and explosively fun candy experience you've been waiting for! These bite-sized treats will take your taste buds on a wild journey, combining extreme sourness, vibrant colors, and a unique freeze-dried twist.

With Freeze Dried Warheads, you can expect the same mouth-puckering sourness that you know and love from the classic Warheads candy, but with an added crunch. Through our innovative freeze-drying process, we've transformed these iconic candies into a crispy, lightweight snack that delivers an instant burst of flavor.

Each piece of Freeze Dried Warheads is carefully crafted to retain the intense sour flavors that Warheads are famous for. As you indulge in these tangy treats, you'll discover a symphony of fruity sensations that will make your taste buds dance with delight. From zesty lemon to electrifying green apple, each flavor will leave you wanting more.

The freeze-dried texture adds a whole new dimension to the snacking experience. As you bite into these crisp candies, they instantly dissolve on your tongue, releasing an explosion of flavor that will keep you coming back for more. The combination of sourness and crunch creates a satisfying sensation that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Take Freeze Dried Warheads with you wherever you go – they're perfect for road trips, movie nights, or simply satisfying your sweet and sour cravings. Share them with friends and family, or keep them all for yourself – the choice is yours!

Experience the thrill of Freeze Dried Warheads and discover a new level of sour candy excitement. With their enticing flavors, unique texture, and convenient packaging, these candies are sure to become your go-to treat. Get ready to embark on a taste adventure like no other and let Freeze Dried Warheads surprise and delight your senses!

There is no refunds or returns on this candy. Each order goes though quality check and we promise never to deliver anything less than perfection.

If for any reason, problems arise, please contact our candy team and we will be happy to look at the situation and take appropriate action. 

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal! 


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