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The Office: Dundie Award

The Office: Dundie Award

SKU: 309

Which Dundie Would You Win?

Are you a huge Office fan?

The Dundie Award Candy Trophy is a fun and delicious way to celebrate your achievements! This candy trophy is made of sweet and fruity hard candy and comes in a variety of flavors. It's shaped like a miniature trophy, complete with a base and a top that's perfect for displaying your candy trophy on a desk or shelf. Whether you're celebrating a big win or just want a fun and tasty treat, the Dundie Award Candy Trophy is sure to put a smile on your face.

There is no refunds or returns on this candy. Each order goes though quality check and we promise never to deliver anything less than perfection.

If for any reason, problems arise, please contact our candy team and we will be happy to look at the situation and take appropriate action.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal!

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