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Slime Licker Squeeze

Slime Licker Squeeze


Slime Licker Squeeze is a delicious and unique candy that has taken TikTok by storm. This fun and colorful candy comes in a variety of flavors, including blue raspberry, green apple, and strawberry, and features a fun and interactive squeeze bottle design. Simply squeeze the bottle to dispense the sweet and sour slime candy into your mouth for a fun and flavorful experience. The candy is perfect for sharing with friends, adding to your favorite candy dish, or just enjoying as a fun and tasty treat. Whether you're a TikTok fan or just looking for a new and exciting candy experience, Slime Licker Squeeze is the perfect choice.

There is no refunds or returns on this candy. Each order goes though quality check and we promise never to deliver anything less than perfection.

If for any reason, problems arise, please contact our candy team and we will be happy to look at the situation and take appropriate action. 

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal! 

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