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NERDS Gumball

NERDS Gumball

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Nerds Gumballs are the perfect treat for anyone who loves a little bit of sour and a little bit of sweet. These gumballs have a crunchy candy shell that is filled with tiny, tangy Nerds candy pieces. As you chew, the gumball releases the sour and fruity flavor of Nerds candy, creating a taste explosion in your mouth. These gumballs are perfect for snacking on throughout the day or for adding to a candy buffet at a party. Give them a try!

All candy is sent in a food freshness guranteed package which can be zipped back up after opening.

Each quarter pound is bagged along with any other "pick & mix" candy included in the order. Pick & Mix means that you want all the candy Packaged in 1 bag all together mixed up! If you want your candy in individual packages, please see Candy Containers section or click here for container version of this candy.

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