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Jelly Belly Black Licorice Flavor

Jelly Belly Black Licorice Flavor

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Black Licorice Jelly Belly is a classic jelly bean flavor that is perfect for anyone who loves the taste of black licorice. These jelly beans have a rich and bold flavor that is both sweet and slightly salty. They're made with real licorice extract, giving them an authentic taste that you won't find in other candies. Each jelly bean is soft and chewy, making them fun to eat and perfect for sharing. They're great for snacking on throughout the day or for adding to your candy mix. Give them a try!


All candy is sent in a food freshness guranteed package which can be zipped back up after opening.


Price varies on amount of candy ordered!

*Packaged Individually means it will not be mixed, or packaged with other candies you select.

*Pick & Mix means your candy will be mixed as if you were in store creating your own candy bag.

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